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It would be easy to misconstrue Lissie. Slight and blonde, a pretty, guitar-playing slip-of-a-thing, you might easily take her for a sweet Midwestern girl, a freckled balladeer borne of milk and cookies and cornfields. More fool you. For all the flaxen hair and big blue eyes, this girl is smart and gutsy and tough, with a big old voice to match it: Stevie Nicks taking Neko Case by the scruff of the neck, Laurel Canyon prettiness stewed in campfire and bourbon; there is, after all, a certain vocal quality that only a decade of beer and cigarettes can bring.

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4 Responses to Lissie

  1. Sir Yes Sir; Palaeontological-Rock, Absence of Excitement | A New Band A Day!

    [...] Anyone who has seen their brilliant video of former ANBAD alumnus Lissie – filmed singing as wonderfully as ever beneath, er, a T-Rex skeleton – will tell y0u that this is one of the Good [...]

  2. Paul Higgins

    I guess I have always thought this about her, but could not find the words. Very well said. Lissie is so special in her appearance and musical ability, her voice, et all, that she has a magical quality that reaches out and grabs you. She has a talent that I truly enjoy.

  3. Kim

    Lissie and Grace Potter are the two most exciting female American artists touring today. If you get the chance to see a show don’t miss out!

  4. flan

    what a great band went to see them at sheps bush empire why they are still a support act i dont know ,anyway lets hope they make it and carry on making top music

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