Lovecraft are a genre-defying pleasure unit from the North West of England signed to Liverpool’s prestigious Probe Plus label. Their unique rabble-rousing alien hymns are set apart by their preoccupations with the occult, Krautrock, ladybird books, Brecht, chemical towns and fairy tales. 

They’ve been described as sounding like a Northern Flaming Lips, a DIY Roxy Music and loquacious cabaret robot rock. All of these are both inaccurate and on-the-nail: Lovecraft sound like a TARDIS bound time and genre-travelling band of acid nerds, harvesting the entire history of popular music on their merry voyage. 

Their debut album ‘Whistle & I’ll Come To You, My Lad’ was released to high praise in 2011.

2013 will see Lovecraft release a 7″ single on Witchfinder Records, followed soon after by their currently untitled sophomore album.