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Milk Maid

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Milk Maid Consists of Adam Carless, Ian Hodson, and songwriter Martin Cohen – ex-bassist of Nine Black Alps. A DIY aesthetic has been a key component in the band’s ethos, with Cohen writing and recording everything in his flat.

Riding their own wave in the re-emergence of the Manchester music scene, Milk Maid has with their effortless creativity and swirling melodies created a significant buzz – appearing with such bands as Wild Nothing, label-mates Mazes, Titus Andronicus, Crocodiles and Male Bonding. Sessions at the BBC with Marc Riley and at Maida Vale with Huw Stephens has solidified Milk Maid’s status as one of the bands to look out for in 2011.

Milk Maid was first picked up by Mazes member Jack Cooper’s label Suffering Jukebox, and released the 7” ‘Such Fun/Can’t You See’ in 2010. The single is an example of their seamless blend of laid back guitar and heavily distorted vocals. Suffering Jukebox summed it up in the press release when they compared Milk Maid to Guided By Voices for their “laissez faire approach to recording solid gold melodies; throwing songs away most bands would kill for with a swooning arrogance.” It is this element that has seen Cohen branded with the ‘slacker’ tag and compared to artists such as Kurt Vile and Woods.


You can purchase Milk Maid’s debut album, Yucca, here!

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