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Projectionists are Manchester’s newest supergroup, drawing players from The Pipettes, Alfie, The Earlies, Liam Frost and The Slowdown Family and Star Crossed Lovers.

Rebecca Stephens, better known as the outspoken Pipettes member ‘Riot Becki’, has toured the world, sold over a hundred thousand records, had a top ten album and number two single in Japan (only held off the top spot by J-Lo), two top 40 singles in the UK, numerous hits across Europe and a top ten US Billboard hit. More recently she has been touring Europe as a backing vocalist with acclaimed US folk artist Jesca Hoop. Above all, Rebecca has a love of well crafted pop songs, which is what first drew the attention of Manchester’s finest multi-instrumentalist Peter Marshall. The two hit it off after a chance encounter at Ben and Jerry’s ‘Summer Sundae’ festival, where they were performing with their previous bands.

Peter has been a familiar face on the Manchester music scene since his first band, Change Nothing, sold out Manchester’s Academy 3 three times (a record for an unsigned band). Peter then moved on to play violin and mandolin with Liam Frost and The Slowdown Family, and has since worked with artists such as Karima Francis, The Courteeners, Stephen Fretwell, Tom Hingley and Paul Heaton. Following their meeting at ‘Summer Sundae’, the two began a long-distance creative partnership, with Rebecca eventually relocating to Manchester from her home town of Brighton to work on the debut Projectionists’ EP.

A fantastic line up of local players was formed to play on the EP, with Samuel Morris on bass guitar (formerly of Twisted Nerve-championed band Alfie), Christian Madden (of The Earlies) and Paul Mortlock on guitar (previously of Star Crossed Lovers and producer of Jesca Hoop’s acoustic album, ‘Kismet’). Taking elements from each member’s former band, Projectionists’ sound reflects their love of classic pop songs; interesting arrangements, indelible melodies and catchy hooks. Having already completed their eponymous self-titled EP, Projectionists are finally ready, willing and able.


You can grab a copy of the Projectionists EP, available digitally or as a pre-order for a very limited 10″ vinyl, here at  www.joyeuxanniversaire.co.uk!


Projectionists Myspace


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