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Record Store Day 2012, MCR

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Record Store Day is the worldwide celebration of independent record stores and the music loving community that inhabit them on a daily basis. This April, Manchester saw the fifth annual Record Store Day take place in the Northern quarter with record numbers of people queuing from the early hours to get their mitts on a huge list of exclusive releases, reissues and remixes from everyone from Abba to Zomby.


The all-day festivities centred around Piccadilly Records on Oldham Street who hand-picked hundreds of unique releases for sale on the day. Meanwhile the patient punters were kept entertained with in-store DJ appearances from Finders Keepers Records, Mr. Scruff and Tim Burgess among others.


Video made by the wondeful:

Charlie Newland
Ben Robinson
Harriet Richards

For information on Record Store Day visit recordstoreday.co.uk

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