Sleeping States is a musical project of London-based Markland Starkie. Started in 2004/5, Markland has released a number of EPs and a CD-R album (‘Distances Are Great’ which includes the songs London Fields and a cover of Bacharach’s Don’t Make Me Over) on several small DIY labels in Britain, most of which have long sold out. His most recent long player, ‘There The Open Spaces’, which included an extended version of the single Rivers, was released in September 2007 to critical acclaim.

Taking an interest in twentieth century classical/experimental music such as Arvo Part and Glenn Branca, as well as more melodic pop, Sleeping States has gained comparisons to Jim O’Rourke, Vincent Gallo, Pavement, Grizzly Bear and so on.

A limited edition split 7” single with the London-based band Fanfarlo was released in February 2008 (Sleeping States performing a cover of ‘Call Me’ by Throwing Muses).

The most recent Sleeping States release is the Old vs New EP, out in November 2008, which reworks older Sleeping States material. A new album expected in Spring 2009.