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In Session: The Computers

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From the fertile, tight-knit punk scene of Exeter, Devon, The Computers relocated to the San Diego home of former Rocket From The Crypt front man John “Speedo” Reis to record their album. Completed in just four days, they recorded it live to tape with no overdubs. They have recently released the results of those sessions in the form of debut LP ‘This Is The Computers’. Renowned for their exuberant live shows, in May 2011 they hit the Radio1 Playlist with their ‘Music Is Dead’ single.


Scared of moving images? You can stream the live audio here:



More videos from this session:





The session in photos:


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Director: Sam Alder

Producer: Sam Alder / Toby Potter

Cameras: Rosanna Freedman, Paul Maloney, Scott Lockhart, Chloe McCarrick

Audio: WR Audio


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