Sea Of Bees

We were blown away by the voice and songs of Jules, aka Sea Of Bees. We were eager to get a session with Jules and Amber on their UK tour, but missed an opportunity in Manchester, gutted! However, they proved themselves to be one of the most dedicated acts out there by stopping off on their way to Liverpool from Newcastle especially to do this session at the Manchester Museum’s new exhibition, ‘We Are ExtInked’. How cool is that!!!


Sea Of Bees

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, 9:00 am

Sea Of Bees is the creation of Sacramento resident vocalist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Julie Ann Bee (Julie Baenziger).

One day Julie, or Jules to those closest to her, was singing in Tape Op Magazine publisher John Baccigaluppi’s studio “The Hangar”, to which John felt immediately compelled to introduce himself. An EP (Bee Eee Pee) and LP later (both firsts), Jules seems ready to bring her music (the result of much collaboration and dedication) to the limelight.

Producer John Baccigaluppi knows exactly how to capture Bees’ potentially tricky magic and charm, bottling up a voice that is, at once, affecting, haunting, and truly disarming with precise arrangements and a pristine mix. Every instrument is heard and felt, electric guitar stabs are never overused and don’t overstay their welcome, and it is clear he understood the most important thing about recording this artist: it’s not simply the vocals that are the show, but the emotion that drips from them.

Sea of Bees is the real deal, and Songs for the Ravens is easily one of the best records of the year.


For more Sea Of Bees, visit!

and for more information on the We Are extInked exhibition, click here!



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