Frazer King

After arranging to film a session with Frazer King during their time at Sounds From The Other City Festival, we headed down to The New Oxford, only to find the band rigging up their generator to an unknown power source and setting up their very own stage on the steps of the Magistrates Court. We whipped out the camera and managed to capture this unique performance that if nothing else, will serve as a pleasant reminder of that nights events to the people who had been having an especially good time at the Festival.


Frazer King

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, 11:51 am

For the uninitiated, Frazer King look like a right rabble, so gloriously out of step with everything else going on today, their mob-mentality pitched somewhere between the right side of boisterous and the wrong side of unruly. Their sound is almost impossible to label, taking in a Pogues-like mix of disarray and beauty, a Shack-esque ear for melody and a Bad Seeds intensity (with some added vigorous skiffle for good measure). Add to the mix three fantastic, distinctive voices and the result is the best new band in Manchester at the moment. Someone, surely, will sign them soon.

Shaun Curran – City Life


  1. Alfie Meadows says:

    What a beautiful, spontaneous performance – Great film!

  2. deathhead says:

    amazing. best band in the world. soul soul soul

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