World Atlas

This last minute session was the result of a phone call from Dave ‘Underachievers’ Bassinder. And thank God he called. Keep an eye out for possibly the most irritating guest tambourine player of all time. Maybe there’s something special going in the baccy at shisha temple.


World Atlas

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010, 12:36 pm

Brooklyn band World Atlas started in 2006 as a handful of four-track bedroom demos- sketches of songs mirroring stories afforded by the city. The idea culminated in a full ensemble including guest member Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good to Me on guitar and The Umbrella Girls, who often serve as the group’s hand clappers, back-up singers and tambourine shakers. Their first self-titled EP is a pop atlas steeped in nostalgia and allegory that exudes an aesthetic of a library of weathered books, stolen glances and faded colors. Their instrumentation includes vibraphone, organ, shakers, trumpet and string arrangements taking the music beyond the pop confines of drums, bass and guitar. Infused with boy / girl harmonies and countermelodies the resulting songs depict both innocence and experience. World Atlas fit comfortably into the orchestral pop genre wearing Belle & Sebastian’s and Camera Obscura’s influence on their sleeves while garnering comparisons to earlier artists as well like Donovan, The Smiths, The Velvet Underground and French YéYé. Their first EP was released on Magic Marker Records in March, 2010 and work on a full-length follow up is underway.


  1. Psycho Mike says:

    they should play Philadelphia

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