Filmed at this year’s In The City Festival. Oberhofer performed their incredible single ‘AWY FR U’ in one perfect take. Filmed in the Umbro Industries Studio.



Sunday, October 31st, 2010, 1:14 pm

Brad Oberhofer, frontman of the indie-rock outfit Oberhofer, is just 19 years old, he exhibits a pretty good understanding of the duality of rejection. He seems to understand how it both hurts and provides a fresh start. There’s nervousness in his voice– bolstered by ramshackle guitars and a sugar-rushed drum beat that build to an inescapably joyous climax– but instead of conveying dread, Oberhofer sounds like he’s expressing the kind of happy, life-affirming jitters you get when waiting on line for a roller coaster, or when you win concert tickets on the radio. Ah, youth.”- Pitchfork

Oberhofer started the year as a well kept secret that has revealed itself patiently till the name seems to be on everyones lips. Their debut 7″ was the top seller at Insound for 2 weeks straight, they just passed 250,000 plays on MySpace & are fresh off incredible trips to Pop Montreal & the UK and were one of the most-talked about bands at this year’s CMJ. They’ll cap the year off by touring the USA w/ The Morning Benders & Twin Sister & recording their first full length.


  1. marco says:

    dig it!

  2. Janie says:

    Saw these guys at Noho for In The City. They were crazy! Looking forward to seeing them in the UK again soon!

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