Orphan Boy

We found Orphan Boy’s Rob Cross enjoying a quiet evening pint in the back room of The Castle on Oldham Street. We loved this intimate performance from one of Manchester’s best front-men.

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Orphan Boy

Friday, September 17th, 2010, 7:29 am

Orphan Boy signed to Manchester’s Concrete Recordings in March 2006, a little over a year after the band had formed in their hometown of Grimsby – a place so devoid of glamour that it so far boasts not one single footnote in the entire history of rock’n’roll.

The townie trio, raised on fish factories and shit nightclubs were quickly snapped up by the truly indie but fully distributed label best known for their Glastonbury Unsigned Bands compilations (The Subways, BlackBud, Ralfe Band, The Deadbeats, Scouting for Girls) and their new music ‘Late ‘N’ Live’ venue of the Glastonbury Festival 2005-Present.

What they found when they spotted Orphan Boy was exactly what they’d been looking for, a band with such unassuming brilliance that they would not be contained for long which would help to drag the musical focus back across the Pennines in 2007.

Orphan Boy’s first release had been on Scotland’s Grace Records, and having been played on Mark Riley’s acclaimed ‘Mint’ Radio 6 show sold out by pre-order. The follow up single ‘Trophies of Love’ was their first release on Concrete in November 2006 received a phenomenal amount of airplay on both Radio 1 and 6 Music by STEVE LAMACQ who claimed it was ‘POSSIBLY THE MOST PLAYED SONG ON MY IPOD AT THE MOMENT,’ nominated it ‘SINGLE OF THE WEEK’ and interviewed them on Lamacq Live as ‘BAND OF THE DAY.’ Both the newly found ‘Orphanite’ fan base and key musical taste-makers have spotted the band and eagerly await further releases set for a little later in the year.


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