Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band

We met the fine gentlemen of Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band one sunny evening in Chorlton. They led us to a lone lamppost on Chorlton Green where they performed ‘The Bad Butler’, much to the delight of the nearby bear garden drinkers!

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Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band

Thursday, June 10th, 2010, 10:52 am

Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band, being a morally good medicine band, making music of merriment with tones of joy in celebration of the tonic, titillation and tuneful etiquette of life. Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band present to you their good time rags and reels, show stoppers and sight stealers; music for foot stomping and toe tickling that joins hearts with flesh whilst invigorating the thinking mind. Dr Butlers Hatstand Medicine Band stand before you as harbingers of gentility, bearers of ingenuity, possessors of conviviality, enhancers and champions of upright and virtuous behaviour and caretakers of chivalric honour.


  1. Danielle-Zoe says:

    i met you guys at the girl guiding centeenary camp, I think you are a wicked group and was wondering if you were interested in preforming at a private festival july time next year.

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