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Then Thickens

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Coming straight out of Chorley, Then Thickens began life as the bedroom hobby of Jon Lee Martin, since then it has evolved into a 6 piece live act.  It’s transformation into a band is thanks, largely, to a rise in popularity and subsequent increase in demand on websites such as BandCamp and Myspace.

Blood In The River Ribble Vol.1 is a unique collection of lo-fi guitars, drums and vocals.  The project was helped on it’s way from the bedroom to the stage by Trans-Atlantic collabaration with The Bronx drummer Jorma Vic.  Once the songs had taken shape, Jon Lee was joined by Charlie, Sean, Helen, Bobby and Thomas to begin readying it for the stage.

Then Thickens is a vastly different sound to that of Jon Lee’s other project, purveyors of the perverted, KONG.  Opposite ends of the spectrum, maybe.  Opposite ends of different spectrums, most certainly.  The songs that make up Blood In The River Ribble Vol.1 are full of hope and sadness, delivered with gusto in both the instrumentation and vocals.  Tragic and beautiful.

The sound and style of the recordings are peppered with 60′s and 70′s influences, while the music itself remains very current.  The title track, from the stuttered start to the kazoo fueled end is one of the stand out tracks and a prime example of the beauty on display on Blood In The River Ribble Vol.1.  Then, of course, there is the weird. Dear Magpie, where pianos and electrical sounds lead you down a strange road.  The thing that saves you from all out madness is the beauty of the melodies, which never get looked over for the sake of strangeness, which is all to prevalent in todays music scene.


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