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The Twilight Sad

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The Twilight Sad comprises James Graham, Andy MacFarlane and Mark Devine. Live, they introduce Johnny Doc and martin Doherty to the line-up.

Forming in late 2003, the band played a couple of early shows at Glasgow’s 13th Note. They created half hour pieces of music utilising guitars, bass, drums, theremin, tape loops from films and old folk and country songs, effects pedals, toy keyboards, thumb pianos, computer games and various other ephemera. Subsequently withdrawing to the studio to refine their sound, and rejecting any live shows offered, the band underwent a gradual metamorphosis into a more traditional, but still sonically adventurous outfit, with a more overt inclination towards emotive, eloquent song. At this time Craig Orzel played bass in the band, but left in 2010, amicably – for personal reasons.


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