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An Evening With T.G. Elias

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T.G. Elias is a prolific writer and performer whose distinctive, subtle and powerful voice holds audiences spellbound with his mesmerizing performances.

Drawing from his deeply rooted relationship with Gospel, Country and Blues, the result is a collection of candid tales and life stories,


served up by a journeyman with an understated raw emotion.


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The lineup for this show will feature vocals from Lucy Ridges & Virginia Harvey, Dan Bridgewood-Hill on Fiddle, Dickon Kyme-Wright on Double Bass and other special guest appearances to be confirmed.

“A talent as big as the sky -singer-songwriter of great quality, blessed with a superb blues voice- Elias’s melodic tunes hold the listener entranced, song after song, just as good as the one before. From start to finish it’s mesmerising stuff.’

Colin Hall, R2-Rock n Reel Magazine, Jan 2013.

“Wonderful, heartfelt music.”

Bob Harris

Support on the evening comes from Salford based trio Troubadour’s Grave. Mixing traditional folk forms with ambitious song structures and thoughtful arrangements, Troubadour’s Grave are one of the most exciting acts to appear on Manchester’s vibrant acoustic circuit in the last 12 months.



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2 Responses to An Evening With T.G. Elias

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