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Driver Drive Faster

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Every band has a history. Driver Drive Faster do more so than most, with the band pretty much having seen and done it all before they started up this new venture. The past hardly seems to matter, with the four piece making music that seems to exist out of context, beautifully disconnected and discordant, yet grippingly engaging.

You see, there are a lot of acts around at the moment making self-consciously quirky music. The internet is awash with kids making purposely off kilter tracks in the hope of getting noticed. Where Driver Drive Faster differ, however, is the fact that they seem to make genuinely weirdo music, attaching it to the skeleton of a perfect pop song before sending it out into the world. A bizarre mix of sugar sweet melodies, straining harmonies and technical brilliance, the meandering tones of lead single They May Talk gained repeat plays on 6 Music and Radio 1. They say the past is like a foreign country, but Driver Drive Faster seems to live on another planet altogether.




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