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Duane Pitre

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Duane Pitre
plus special guests Sophie Cooper and Rogier Smal & David Birchall

‘a three-dimensional fractal framework of curved contours and bright pulsating nodes … it’s gorgeous stuff.’ The Wire

New Orleans resident and ex-pro skateboarder Duane Pitre is an American avant-garde composer, performer and sound artist, and we’re delighted to be bringing him to Manchester on Friday 18th October.

His recent recordings include Feel Free, which was released to critical acclaim last year on Important Records, a split LP with electronic minimalist Eleh (also on Imprecs), Origin on Root Strata, and the Monolithic Youth cassette on the Sonic Meditations label.

In 2013 Pitre will release several new albums including his follow-up to Feel Free, titled Bridges, which is due out on Important in June; a debut LP from a new collaboration with Eleh (under the moniker PITRELEH); and a live recording of his summer 2012 sextet performance of Feel Free at Café Oto.

His work often focuses on the interaction between electronic sound and acoustic instrumentation, chaos and discipline, as well as site-specificity. He frequently utilizes alternate tuning schemes that focus on microtonality, enabling him to explore unaccustomed intervallic relationships. He has created works for various instrumentation configurations such as string orchestra, his own bowed harmonic-guitar ensemble, string/wind ensembles, as well as solo works (for himself).

Sophie Cooper hails from Stoke on Trent but currently lives in West Yorkshire. She writes songs influenced by psychedelic pop, noise and drone, and released music and played live in outfits such as Cooper-Jones, Leopard Leg, Wing Horses, Tom Cool, Remedial Queen of England, The A Band, and many others. The trio also featuring Pascal Nichols on drums and Joincey on guitar.

Rogier Smal & David Birchall are an improvising (drums and guitar) duo formed from various crossed paths in dark rehearsal rooms and salad bars in Manchester and Amsterdam. Rogier was last spotted in Manchester on the drumstool behind Dylan Carlson and Marshall Allen while David can often be seen around the city doing strange and wonderful things with his guitar.

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