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Sunn O)))

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Now Wave are pleased to announce the return of Sunn O))) to Manchester this Summer, with an exclusive show at HMV Ritz. The celebrated Seattle band’s live show is a notoriously deep and atmospheric one, and on 11th June an immersive quadraphonic surround sound system – with inward-facing speaker stacks on each corner of the venue’s 1,250-capacity ballroom – promises to take this experience to a new level.

Known primarily as a doom metal band, Sunn O))) are in fact an inimitable mix of diverse genres including drone, ambient, noise and black metal. Their sound is unapologetic and boundary-breaking.”

Phurpa, the Russian Throat Singing group who released a double LP on O’Malley’s Idelogic Organ imprint have now been added to the bill. Details of this occultis group can be found here:

This is a unique opportunity to see Sunn O))) sound as encompassing and punishing as intended, and with the addition of Phurpa promises to be an unfortgettable evening of drone power.


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