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ghost outfit

Video: Session: Ghost Outfit

We met up with our long-time lovers Ghost Outfit at Manchester Museum to film this bone bending live session beneath the creaking bones of Stan the T-Rex. We were treated to three mighty tracks from their debut long player ‘I Want You To Destroy Me’ which is available on 12″ … Read on

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News: Naked (On Drugs) Announce Debut Single ‘Lee Ann’s Skin’

naked on drugs


Salford’s angular avant-guardians, Naked (On Drugs), have emerged from their damp chrysalis to bring us a gooey offering in the form of debut single ’Lee Ann’s Skin’. Tremble beneath it here…



‘Lee Ann’s Skin’ and it’s best friends, B-side ‘Araki Dinosaurs’ and bonus track ‘This Gift’, … Read on

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Review: Now Wave & Sways Present: Outfit, Aldous & Temple Songs: Live Review


Round here, you learn to expect the unexpected. On this basis, there is no reason to assume that Salford’s Cambridge industrial estate would be unable to play host to something worth writing home about.


Naturally, this is where independent record label and ‘cultural regenerator’ SWAYS Records have built

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Human Beast 3

Review: SWAYS & Fat Out present: Human Beast


Islington Mill is – to all extents and purposes – a community art centre in a housing estate in Salford. Except this particular Friday night the patrons it has attracted on look less like disenfranchised adolescents and more like misfits, misanthropists and cultural parasites. This is because SWAYS Records … Read on

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