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Ten First Times – Ghostpoet

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He’s cool and I love his music. He took the time after his show to answer my questions. Top man.


1st concert seen: ”Editors at Warwick University in 2001.”

1st concert played: ”Tin Angel in Coventry in 2009.”

1st movie at the cinema: ”Indiana Jones.”

1st book: “Tintin comic books.”

1st record/cassette/CD bought: ”Badly Drawn Boy – The Hour of  Bewilderbeast on CD.”

1st exhibition: ”Tate Modern with school.”

1st travel: ”Nigeria with my family when I was 12.”

1st kiss: ”I can’t tell you this! (laughs) I was 15.”

1st fight: ”I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

1st hangover: ”I drank Rum and Martini when I was 18.”


Word and Photo by: Camille Dionisi


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