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Bwani Junction – Live Review

Eurocultured, Sunday June 3rd 2012
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Coming back from sunny France, I always feel a bit down when the rain invites itself to stay, but let’s look on the bright side, it’s Sunday, it’s the Jubilee weekend and Eurocultured is back, And it’s even better when I’m asked to review one of the up-and-coming bands of 2012!

Bwani Junction played at Soundcontrol quite early (4.30 pm) and the crowd I expected to be there had not arrived yet… And what a shame! Mind you, we were about 25 strong and we all had a great time!

I found Bwani Junction uplifting and all I wanted to do was jump around, feel the sun shine on me and drink beer. Even though I was on my own, I jumped mentally for about 30 minutes. (still fun though!) They played a short set but it was just enough to give you a good glimpse of what these 4 young men are capable of. If I had to sum up the concert in 3 words, it would be fresh, fun and professional.


At the end of the concert, vocalist/guitarist Dan’s father, a really cool man who’s also their official driver, gave us tickets (as seen above). They have a different artwork for each gig and you are more than welcome to send them yours, which I find, is a great way to be seen!


They have been “categorised” as sounding like Vampire weekend and I will not disagree. Remember when Vampire Weekend sounded like you were on holiday all the time and shared amazing moments with your friends? Well I found this exact feeling when listening to Bwani Junction. They’re all around the UK playing at festivals this summer so don’t miss them as they will give you the best festival gig memories ever!


Whether you feel fine or blue, you can listen to their album for free HERE on Lastfm.


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