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The Drums’ Jacob Interviews Factory Records’ The Wake

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The Drums have released a new episode of their web series “Visiomento” featuring the first ever filmed interview with legendary Factory post punk/indie pop band The Wake.

Check it out here:


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As well as a packed touring schedule, The Drums have also found time to collaborate with legendary synth heads Add N to (X) on a remix of the latest Drums single How It Ended, the first activity from Add N to (X) since their split in 2003.


Listen here:



The Drums Website


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One Response to The Drums’ Jacob Interviews Factory Records’ The Wake

  1. Ranajit

    Hey Chuck.Thanks for connecting with me.Sorry this took so long.We just aervird on Sunday. I’m ready to start playing and I’d love some help getting started here.Look forward to meeting you. . . again. . . I think. It’s been along time.I do remember the band though. Are you the original Chuck? That’s pretty cool.I’ll send you an email so we can get hooked up.DeanTake care

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