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John Herring

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Singer-Songwriter John Herring is set to release the follow up album to, ‘Tales From a Northern City’ called ‘It Starts Again’ in 2012. John has returned to Blueprint Studios (home of Elbow) to record the new material and is again working with engineer and co-producer, Gary Vaughan-Hadfield . The new single, ‘It Starts Again’ is an interesting mix of soulful and driving song according to Herring. ‘It shows off my style of songwriting, and the talented line-up I am working with. Unlike the last album I now have a steady band of excellent musicians, so there is a real cohesiveness to the album.’ In addition to the four piece the album again sees Herring scoring strings, trumpets and choirs, and indeed a live choir features briefly on the new single – recorded at their last gig at Sacred Trinity Church in Salford. John’s first gig in his hometown in 2012 at The Deaf Institute will be a gig to remember – with support from the excellent Glass Ankle.




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    Hey Ram! Thanks for the plug. This site was launched by me and my enptarr Jason. At first we wanted to make the service free to post blogging jobs as well, but as you pointed out we wanted to eliminate poor quality job posts. Once again thanks for shouting out.

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