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Halls – Live Review

Kraak Gallery 9th March
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It’s always exciting to write a review about an artist you don’t know yet, to discover their sound and world and when the EP becomes one of your new favourite things, it’s great. But then, getting to see that very same band live and being able to write another review about them is simply priceless.

To be honest, it had been a while since I was so excited to go to a gig. (Nah, it’s not true, I’m always up for good music, but I was particularly looking forward to this one).

So, a few hours before the concert, I receive a message on Facebook from the promoters saying that the gig was going to be at midnight. Seriously?! Why would you put Halls at midnight? It’s not the kind of music you would instinctively choose for a Friday night.

But you know what? It worked perfectly fine. The set wasn’t very long but you can’t blame them as they’ve only got 2 EPs. They played everything though and heaven came even closer when they played my favourite song “I Am Not What you want”.

The small downside of the concert was the venue. Don’t get me wrong, I love KRAAK Gallery but I would have preferred to watch them in an echoing place such as a chapel for instance; as apparently, it’s uber trendy at the moment…). I’m pretty sure it would have definitely worked better there. To add to that, there were a few technical problems but nobody in the audience cared as we all loved the music, the videos in the back and Sam in particular. God that voice…!

So in the end everything which could have been a bit stressful for the band did not stain their performance because afterall, it was Halls. And because it was Halls, everyone simply let themselves be taken on a beautiful journey.

Go and see them when they come back, you might have the opportunity to get the EP for £5 (what a bargain!!!).



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