15-04-2012 • 6 Comments

Skies Turn Black

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New unsigned metal band from Manchester. Writing original music consisting of groovy riffs, blasting drums, rumbling bass and aggressive vocals.






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6 Responses to Skies Turn Black

  1. Richard Bailey

    These guys are awesome! How are these guys not signed yet!?

  2. Andy Donald

    Saw these guys at the Manchester Academy 3 last Sunday and they just blew the other bands away! They were awe-inspiring.

  3. Joe Hall

    These guys are so heavy, but at the same time can have really nice choruses that just flow with great harmonies, these guys seriously rock :D

  4. Richard Jones

    These guys are awesome, their music’s on soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/skiesturnblack

  5. Gary Lancaster

    Malefice on the 19th September!!! WOOOOH!!!

  6. Cameron Binns

    Yeah!! Malefice!! :D

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